Let’s face it, getting YOU, your business or product featured in a popular newspaper, magazine, website or TV show can be major exposure and a sales catalyst that can ultimately change the course of your brand! While we know, securing coverage in top tier outlets like USA Today, Real Simple, Bit + Co, “Good Morning America” can seem close to impossible, with our guidance, insider tips and tricks of the trade that you’ll learn in bluePRint, you will gain invaluable knowledge to pitch yourself and/or your own product and business to media with confidence!

bluePRint is the perfect program for those who may not have the budget to hire a publicist or PR agency like ourselves, but want to learn how and which tools can help them to promote and market their business! 

Whether you choose to sign up for a one-on-one workshop or our 6-video online course, our expert PR team will show you how to do your own public relations and/or prep you for when you do hire one so that you get the best bang for your buck! It’s important to fully understand the PR world and what you can expect from an agency and how to be a better client.

The bluePRint course, accompanied by take-away outlines, will teach you:

  1. Everything you need to know about PR and how it can change your business

  2. PR Writing 101: How to write a killer pitch or press release

  3. Pitching 101: How to court a reporter or producer to land a spot on TV

  4. How the power of photography and video can enhance your story

  5. The different PR practice areas

  6. Build your own PR tool box

Top Fives Reasons to Buy This Course:

  • Take charge of your business reputation & create your very own narrative

  • Gain confidence in managing your outside PR/marketing vendors

  • Build your business and grow its reputation in the media

  • Jumpstart brand awareness in an intentional way

  • Gain a better understanding of PR and the process of storytelling for your business

  • SAVE money by learning how to kick start your own PR portfolio

When you sign up for blueprint, you’ll also receive unlimited online support from our expert team of publicists! 

And if you hunger for more, we have bonus videos to cover subjects such as media training once you land an interview, event PR and promotion, specialty writing and so much more!


We have absolute faith that by using the strategies in this course, it won’t be long before you are reading about your business and gaining the coverage you desire for your business!

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Media training is invaluable to any spokesperson, on any issue, in any setting. That is, as long as it’s done right. Done incorrectly, it can damage the ability of your representative to communicate effectively and could harm your business and image. Learn how to speak in front of a camera and during a print/digital interview with confidence.  We will take you through a customized series of workshops to teach you everything you need to know from how to hit your key message points, facial expressions to body language and what to wear.  We will tailor each class to your level of training.  Workshops can be done in both English and in Spanish.  Our instructors are highly trained and currently work as reporters.  

Contact Natalie Maniscalco at natalie@retromedianyc.com to schedule a workshop.


So you've started a business and want to create a presence online but just don't know where to start?  Let us help you get started by figuring out which networks are the right networks to target YOUR audience and show you how to develop a content plan that will work with your time and budget.  Not everyone has the money to hire a social media specialist, and we understand that, so we created this workshop to help you create your own creative content and effectively manage your pages. 

Contact Natalie Maniscalco at natalie@retromedianyc.com to schedule a workshop.