Get Social to Build Your Business or Brand

Hiring a PR or marketing company to help build your brand or business can be costly, but if you’re looking for free ways to get yourself out there without breaking the bank, get typing and get social!

(Of course, you can always hire us www.retromedianyc.comfor all your socially driven needs) :)

We put together some pretty good social media tips to help get you started:

· Be visual. Use pictures that your audience can associate with. This also is helpful with headshots. People like to see who they are dealing with. Show them. And tell them your story. Make it personal and warm. Draw them in.

· Create mobile friendly searches. Many more people are using their mobile devices to click on links seen in their Twitter and Facebook feed. Be sure that your website is in synch with mobile devices and applications to make the viewing of your business clear and concise.

· Be careful of how you use hashtags (#) on Twitter and Facebook. Hashtags are searching tools, in addition to identifying groups and topics. Be sure that you are using the best key words and phrases to optimize searches.

· Facebook constantly changes their rules and regulations. Be on top of the changes, and be strategic on how you use Facebook.

· Encourage customers to “Google” your information, instead of typing in the direct website. This will increase SEO (search engine optimization) and increase your online rankings.

· Stay focused on content. Keep the message and branding on point. Avoid unnecessary wording so that you capture your audience quickly, and can draw them in.

· Try to always think as if you are the consumer. How much time are you going to spend reading a post? A few seconds? A few minutes? Be creative, but again, on point with your messaging. And use tiny URL’s. This helps keep the word or character count down, and is easy on the eyes and fingers to click upon.

· Don’t be afraid to interact or work with bloggers. Many people follow bloggers and trust their opinions and feedback. Treat bloggers as you would any other media outlet, such as a magazine or newspaper.

This all may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but start with one social media network and work your way through the rest.  Before you know it, you’ll be generating business leads, followers and fans!