How To Avoid Speaking TOO Much During An Interview

For every interview we coordinate for our clients, whether it’s for a LIVE in-studio TV segment, phone interview or TAPED segment, we make sure to fully prepare them so that they feel 100% comfortable and ready to offer straightforward answers.  However, some folks may get a bit tongue tied or lose focus on what they really want to say.  Sure, you can blame it on the journalist’s (who we always “try” to prepare as well) lack of preparation or weird phrasing of a question or simply, our client did not prepare him/herself!  But whatever the case may be, we recommend that you stick to the K.I.S.S. rule - keep it short and sweet!  Always prepare but never memorize 3 KEY talking points and stay focused on listening and answering THE question that is being asked.  When we get hold of an “important” ear, we tend to want to ramble on with EVERYTHING and ANYTHING the project has to do with, but much too often the core of the story can get lost. 

We found this great article on for a How To for publicists but we also thought this was great advice for clients or anyone who is under pressure in an interview.  

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