Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Publicist

Public relations and marketing are one of the most important aspects of any business and can essentially make or break your brand.  However, some small businesses don’t take in account the cost and sometimes the value of hiring a good publicist.  Here’s 10 reasons why you should hire a publicist:

1. Determine what stories are really pitches, press releases, or none of the above, as well as what’s news and what’s not.
2. Identify the right media outlet, producer or reporter to pitch and secure a story.
3. Communicate and connect with reporters as well as influencers in a way that will create long-term relationships.
4. Identify and create campaigns that will really make an impact and drive awareness to clients, while knowing what works and what does not.
5. Come up with ways to decline requests that aren’t right for clients without burning bridges or sending up red flags. 
6. Find or create the real story inside the company, not just the sales pitch, but find the news hook that will really peak interest with the media.
7. Teach executives and clients how to engage with media in order to really tell their story, not just “sell” what you do.  We also make you look handsome and pretty too :)
8. Multi-task like you’ve never seen before, juggle quick deadlines and not miss a single beat. #gijanestyle
9. Offer 10 different ways to repackage a single piece of content that will translate into an event, social media, or pr campaign
10. Create opportunities and collaborations between clients, media and other companies that will further the impact and awareness of the client 

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